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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tag!! Your turn!

Here’s a new, fun meme all about venting, complaining, ranting, letting it all out because sometimes you just need to be heard!


Copy / paste everything below ‘Instructions’, up to (and including) the CUT at the start of a new post.

Write a complaint about the subject of your choice after the CUT (visit Universal Complaints Department for examples, guidelines, and even a complaint form if you’d like to use one).

Important: Email the complaint to universalcomplaints@gmail.com
Link back to whomever tagged you.

Tag four people you think might like to rant/complain about something.

This will give you a chance to vent, boost your page-ranking and your Technorati authority all in one go! This meme has been brought to you by http://universalcomplaints.blogspot.com - Passing the Buck Since Time Began.

Don’t forget to email the complaint, and we will feature your complaint on our site and link back to you!

You can even complain about having to complain if you like

Happy complaining!

I’m tagging the following four folks with this one but anyone who feels like they have something to say is more than welcome to join in!

  1. Jumping in Puddles
  2. Jazz
  3. Ashe.Selah
  4. Polar Bear


Anonymous said...

Thanks muchly CC!

I know it's a pain but Shiv and I are trying to get some traffic to the new site. I promise no more tags unless it's actively about finding something/s new about your good self.

Clueless said...

I really don't mind...you too are funny!!

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