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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To five inspirational people, I pay forward the award of honourary Flower Smeller badge from Go! Smell the Flowers.

Today has and probably will be the highlight of what has been a tough week. I was one of five people awarded the honourary Flower Smeller badge from Go! Smell the Flowers (http://www.gosmelltheflowers.com/).

Their post says,"this badge serves to acknowledge others who are, in their own way, smelling the flowers. They maybe regular visitors to this blog, one of our founders blogs or someone that could contribute here who is yet to visit! Maybe they have recovered from an illness, written a book, made waves in the blogosphere, won the lottery, made a major shift in their life, won promotion, quit the rat race, raising a family, discovering their greatness and on it GO!s as more examples from around the world start to surface. They may not even have an online presence at all - that’s where this award differs!

We’d like to present the honourary title of Flower Smeller to the following 5 who have either contributed to this community since the founders have been on board, have recently grabbed our attention in the blogosphere or are smelling their flowers in life in general."

I was one of the five. I love this site it is a place for "inspiration for people all over the world to be the best that they can be." I also, find it a place to relax, take a break, laugh a little, be thoughtful, be silly, laugh a lot & socialize!!! Now, I get to give back this badge to 5 worthy persons or to pay it back and brighten someone elses day!

Since I've only been around for 14 days, I have not had that much time to feel my way around. However, there are five people/blogs that have been supportive, encouraging, understanding, allowed me to feel helpful, helped me to be even more vulnerable in my healing journey and are definite bright spots in my day. They lives are inspirations to me!!! They are (not in any type of order):

  1. The People Behind my Eyes at http://www.sundrip.com/journal/

Thank you for being inspirational to me in my 14 days. I really appreciate you!!! You are my fellow traveler's in a difficult healing journey. No one give up now!!

To obtain your badge and for futher information about the badge go to http://www.gosmelltheflowers.com/archives/3172.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention

Clueless said...

You are very welcome. Thank you!

Clueless said...

You are very welcome. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is so very cool. Thank you very much. :-)

Smiles to you and yours,

Clueless said...

Your are very welcome. I is well deserved to you and the rest.

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