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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Appointment with my surgeon! OUCH!!

I really am tired of this thing taking up my time, but I just need to go with the flow. I had been in increasing pain since the weekend and the area in my armpit was actually swelling quite a bit. So, yesterday was my appointment with the surgeon. He looked at it and said that it had to be drained. 27 cc of fluid were taken out of my armpit!! That is a lot of fluid. It is called seroma. Then, he put dressing on it including tape...no, not the tape. Due to the drainage and the dressing, I am in pain. I took a Vicodin last night. I can take it off, but I have to keep putting dressing on to apply pressure to the area until next Wednesday, so that it doesn't fill up again. Sigh!!!

Feeling overwhelmed as next week, I have doctor appointments which are difficult to schedule for dental cleaning, allergist and surgeon. This is in addition to my four therapy schedules. I'm feeling like it is a bit too much. I just feel so tired. I'm not sleeping well because I am uncomfortable.

Anyway, here is some humor from Gary Larson's Far Side that I hope will bring me some cheer as I'm just want this to be over! I hope you enjoy it too!!


GirlBlue said...

Yowza that sounds painful and like an awful lot of fluid. I get something similar from time to time under my arm but mine an allergy (I think) is caused by scented deodorant

Anonymous said...

I love the Far Side ... too funny!

Ashleigh Peanutpepper said...

*hugs* feel better soon!!

*sending healing thoughts*

Anonymous said...

Hi CC..Sorry you are going through so much. Wow 27CC's is a lot of fluid. I can't imagine the pain you are going through, it sucks doesnt it? I too am facing some surgeries maybe 2. I have a large tear in the rotor cuff, and have to have an MRI done to see just how deep it is, I got the appt and its not until January..ugh, my shoulder is so sore and I have bursitis on the back of my heel, that just wont go away, I have been having physio on it and acupuncture but no way its the size of a golf ball, and hurts too, so they may operate on that too, I am waiting for an appt with the surgeon. So I know how you are feeling but hang in there. We can do that together lol...take care my friend..xoxoxox Mary

Anonymous said...

I've known you long enough to know that you're strong enough to make it thru this. Keep the faith.


Clueless said...

@girlblue. With my sensitivity and allergies, I can't wear deodorants or any underarm stuff even the "natural." "So, I go au natural." "Luckily", I have a problem with not sweating and fainting, so I don't get smelly. I just pass out!! Yeah, I'm a whole lot of fun on an outing. LOL!!

@laura. Thanks. It made me laugh.

@miss ash. Thank you.

@Mary. Oh my, you are going through much more than I. 27 cc's all in my little 'ol armpit preventing me from my arm going all the way down. Well, no wonder it hurt so much. You hang in there Mary and your body. OUCH!!! Take care!!

much love sent your way,

Anonymous said...

My sympathies CC - that sounds precisely like 'no fun'.

Isn't there *anything* else they can apply except the tape?? Sounds a bit like modern day torture.

Recovery from surgery really sux!

Take it easy and keep your chin up! )

Clueless said...

@man on fire. Thank you and thanks for visiting.

@Svasti. It is only for a long week. If I can find some type of clothing that will hold it too my skin tightly I could use that. Sigh!! This too shall pass.

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