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Friday, July 18, 2008

"Luka" ~ Suzanne Vega

In 1987, when this song was released. I heard it fell in love with it, purchased it and burst into tears. Never told anyone that not even my therapist who I was seeing at the time, same one now. I had no context in which to put it because I had not considered what I knew to be abuse or did not remember anything, at least, on a conscious level. I still love this song because they use it also for child abuse awareness campaigns. (Yes, I still have my 45 with the picture sleeve...for those of you old enough to know what those are!!!)


Clueless said...

Damn it!!! (sorry to cuss, but it seemed appropriate). I went to publish the comments that I did not read yet, but you know that feeling when you close your car door and realize when it is too late that your keys are inside. Well, I clicked reject instead...same feeling. Sorry!! I feel like I missed out. So, damn it!! :-)

Hopefulsl said...

I can relate to that song!!
Instead of saying Luka, i would say my name Stacy.... Oh, by the way i am Tracy's Twin!!!! I hope you did not mine me dropping by to read your blog??? You sound like a wonderful person to blog with....
I did enjoy your Meme, great answers.
I too laugh when you got confuse or were talking to yourself((GIGGLE,GIGGLE))....
I hope you have a nice Week End, talk to you soon!
Hugs and Blessings to you.

Dr. Deb said...

Was and still is an important song about child abuse and those who witness it's horror.

No worries about cussing ;)

April_optimist said...

I remember the song. I used to listen to it obsessively when it first came out. Finally someone was singing about a truth that needed to be said! (((Hugs))) that it spoke to you so strongly, too.

Clueless said...

Hi Stacey, I know who you are. I read your blog sometimes. Anyone is welcome here...it is, afterall, an open blog. I'm glad that you came. Thank you for your comments. Please feel free to visit anytime. You have a great weekend also.

Hang in there and take care,

Deb, it remains a relevant song today...

April, yes it did, but I had no idea why. I also obsessively listed to it. Somewhere I knew (((April)))

Clueless said...

Okay, so I sort of figured out a way to print the comments I deleted.

From Wandering Coyote: I remember this song very well...It always made me so sad.

Me too...I now know why it made me cry so much. I felt like it was a fitting song for what therapy has been like this week, but I still cannot cry...so frustrating.

From Bradley: One of those songs that is beautiful and painful at the same time. Thank you for bringing it back.

You are welcome. A bittersweet tune of great importance.

Anonymous Drifter wrote: I remember this song well. It brought to mind all of my father's rages when he drank.

Oh, I'm sorry and I understand. I hope it didn't trigger too much today. Take care of yourself!!

Doc said...

I've had those "car door moments" so often that during grad school I had a wire coathanger bent into the shape necessary to break into my '69 Camaro. It hung in the psych department's closet and everyone knew why it was there and not to throw it away. Regarding your comment on Spaces Live, most spellcheckers allow you to just "add" a word they didn't know. That apparently only works with the mail program in Vista.

Peace, Doc

Miss Defective said...

I like "Luka", but the song about child abuse I related to more was 1988's "What's The Matter Here" by 10,000 Maniacs. I just heard it for the first time in years about a week or so ago and I was a complete blubbering fool by the time it was done, just as I was each time I heard it back in the 80's

Clueless said...

@Doc. LOL!! I've actually only have locked myself out twice in my whole life...watch now, I'll jinx myself. I know some programs will allow you to add, but nothing on Blogger allows for it. Thanks!!!

@Sid. I haven't heard that before. I'll have to look it up. Thanks...might have to do with age. Thanks for the comment.

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