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Monday, January 11, 2010

To Sleep or not to Sleep?

I really don't feel like writing this post because I am sleepy, but can't sleep anymore. My entire life except for a few years, I have always had some sort of sleep problems. For the last several years it has become increasing more difficult even more so these past couple of weeks.

I wake up early in the morning from 12:30 am to 2:30 am and can't go back to sleep. With my medications it is easy to fall asleep, but I wake up early. I do have a couple of PRN's which I take sometimes and it helps, but I can tell when it will just make me tired and grumpy because I still can's sleep. I took three naps yeterday totaling seven hours and slept through the night. Other days, I don't take any naps and I wake up early. So, nothing makes sense.

My psychiatrist says that there is nothing more he can do with medications. Both he and my therapist believe it is situational. It is also a classic sign of depression. I don't know if it that or my immune system. My psychatrist says, "as long as I get sleep even if it is napping that it is okay."

I don't know, but it is sure frustrating. However, I do get some blogging done. And, some one is usually at one of the chat rooms that I visit. Sigh!!


Laura said...

I suffer from horrible sleep problems, usually prompted by anxiety. It's so frustrating when we can't rest well.

Anonymous said...

Insomnia is the WORST-- I have it too. Although most of the time I end up staying up throughout the night, sometimes reading a book gets my eyes just tired enough that I fall back asleep.

Wishing you sweet dreams,

Unknown said...

I have been just like you all of my life. For it doesn't seem to matter just how tired I am, I almost always have a lot of trouble going to sleep. This was really problematic while I was truckin' cross-country. For one must usually get sleep when they can out there, and most of the time, I didn't.

Since getting sick in '93, sleep has become even more of an adventure for me. For even when I can reach a deep level of sleep, I still wake up feeling worse than I did before I went to bed. Benadryl does seem to help me go to sleep at times, but none of the medications that I have gotten from a doctor in the past did anything.

Clueless said...

Hi Laura, I think that mine is also prompted by anxiety...known or unknown.

Hi NOS, Oh my how frustrating...it effects so much...everything in the body including mood.

Oh Fishhawk, that is a long time to have sleep problems. It has taken a long time for my psychiatrist to come up with something that works if I am not too anxious...antidepressant and anxiety medications. It is tricky...mine works only sometimes and is related to whatever I'm working on in therapy.

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