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Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 Honest Things About Me!!

The Thriver's Toolbox author April Optimist gave me this award. Take a look at her blog. She is quite insightful and optimistic fits her personality. I almost always leave her blog or read her comments with a smile. She knows how to really help you look at things in a different light, but keep it real. She can also tell you the tough stuff.

With this award I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself.

  1. I'm angry about all the things I feel like I've lost due to my depression and PTSD like a clean house, working, cooking, baking and socializing, etc... Generally, I am an over-achiever and everything needs to be just so.

  2. I used to be an avid baker and cook making and tweaking my own recipes.

  3. I love computer games. Right now, I'm hooked on Ouba and The Legend of El Dorado.

  4. I would like to publish a book about my life one day.

  5. I really want a black labrador, but sadly our house is not ready for one. I wonder if it will ever be ready.

  6. I am honest to a fault. I am a terrible liar. I get myself into trouble by being honest.

  7. I'm a shopaholic. Discovering online shopping was a very bad thing! It is somewhat under control right now because I am not working.

  8. I love my husband and really think that he is God's gift to me. He really is as wonderful as I make him sound. My therapist thinks that he is "perfect." He gives me so much love, attention, attunement and acceptance that I didn't receive growing up. He has been so healing in my life.

  9. I love God and my Christian faith is very important to me. I also have questions and seek to find resolution. I am also very protective of how the Church is viewed by society in general and will speak up if I feel something is misrepresented or misunderstood.

  10. I know that I have what it takes to get through my healing; however, sometimes, I can't see it or believe it. Deep down I know that I will get to the otherside and I am scared as to what God will ask me to do with that. :-)

I know that this is a cop out, but I don't have the energy to really forward this on, so if you would like to do this meme please do so. Remember to link my blog to it in someway and to forward it along. Also, let me know because I'd like to know more about you too.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your husband by your side :)

Laura said...

I have deep respect for honest people.

jeff said...

I'm glad for your words about your husband too. I could only have hoped for a partner like that for you. Now I have more hope for you. Confidence. And what God will ask of you when he heals you is to enjoy your life.

This post was so positive for me. Thank you CC

Clueless said...

@Snow White Queen. Me too! Thanks.

@Drifter. So do I.

@jeff. I'm glad it was positive for you. I really do feel like my husband is a special gift from God. Thank you!!

Immi said...

Happy New Year CC. You deserve the award. :) And (from catching up here a bit) don't sweat it if you can't get by anywhere to comment or aren't up to blogging or whatever. Take care of you, that's the important part. *sending hugs atcha*

April_optimist said...

I love this chance to get to know you better! You husband sounds wonderful and I'm so glad that you have him in your life. And what if what's on the other side of the healing is a chance to be happy and to enjoy life?

Clueless said...

My husband is wonderful and just being with him without all this baggage would be fabulous. I like these type of MEMEs too because I get to know people on a different level.

Isaiah 49 :15 -16

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