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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get Up and Finish Strong

A while back a friend sent this to me of Nick Vujicic, not knowing what was going on in my life. I just found it going through over 1000 emails. (I sure do have to remove myself from some).

Despite what others may expect, I remain hopeful and cling to God, my family, my church, my friends and my therapist to get me through these rough times. (I've really learned a lesson on who my true friends are).

I believe that writing for GSTF came at the right time. One, it is a good distraction. And, most importantly, I think that God knew that I was going to also need online support, so he firmly estabilshed some key relationships. Thank you everyone for your support, encouragement, good thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate each and everyone of you!

If it were not for my supports, I don't know how I would get through or finish strong. This video spoke to me as I feel like I keep having to get up. But, the whole key is that I get up and I'm going to keep getting up even when I feel that I can't any longer, but I will remember to be kind to myself and take a rest.

The bottom line is that we are meant to live in an interdependent COMMUNITY in order to survive or get by. I am sure that Nick Vujicic had a great support system in order to continue to get back up and sometimes required someone to actually do it for him. Remember that being a part of a healthy community is to know when to give and when to receive. Everyone needs to be able to do both.

Most religions will agree with this concept of needing a community. We need each other and yes individual hugs and group hugs. Thanks for mine. *hugs back*

What do you do in your life to finish strong or just get up?


Melinda said...

Hi CC,

There is much research that supports the fact that support is the single most important factor in healing from any physical or psychological trauma. People who have good support systems are much better off--because how we are connected to the rest of the world definitely impacts us.

I'm so glad that you have the support that you do. The road to wholeness is never easy but having people who are close to you, who you can lean on for support, definitely makes that road easier to bear.

Take care, dear friend--


Isaiah 49 :15 -16

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