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Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspiration Dog?

funny pictures of dogs with captions

see more dog and puppy pictures

I know that this is a funny picture. I personally love it. I also love Snoopy and labradors. The only thing that could have made it better is if it were a black lab. :-) I like the caption. For me almost anything or anyone can be an inspiration to you. Even Snoopy is an inspiration to me as his character does whatever he wants without thinking "should I?, won't others think? I'll look bad, etc...

Snoopy does what he wants without thinking about what others may say or think. Granted, he is in his own make believe world. (Oh, Peanuts isn't real...well, never mind...) We also should be mindful of others in a balance, but not to aware of others that it prevents us from being ourselves. My husband and friend do this very well and they are my inspirations, but so is Snoopy because he also reminds me to dream.

Share an unusual thing, character or someone who is an inspriration to you.


Gayle said...

Oddly enough, I too have loved Snoopy and his thoughts on life all my life. Just the other day my husband and I were talking about updating my will since it is dated before my little one born. Not to creep anyone out but I asked by my beloved Snoopy who I have had for about 35 years be buried with me. I'm such a dork. A crazy dork at that.

Mike Golch said...

Good one!

bpmerf said...

I feel funny saying this, but Spongebob is a character who inspires me :) He is the best friend everyone would love to have. He always sees the good in people and never says anything mean to anyone. He's a total optimist and he doesn't mind a little hard work. LOVE spongebob :)

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