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Friday, August 13, 2010

What is Vinyl?

Yesterday, August 12th, is Vinyl Record Day or Record Store Day!! Time for audiophiles to have some fun!!!

The following is from website Vinyl Record Day:

In February of 2002 the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors in California adopted a proclamation, conceived and written by Gary Freiberg, declaring August 12th as Vinyl Record Day in San Luis Obispo County. The date recognizes when Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. It was then decided to have a Vinyl Record Day (VRD) celebration in San Luis Obispo on the first Saturday following August 12th, which was the 17th.

The celebration was to appeal to all generations. The day started with Big Band Swing Music with the music changing every forty-five minutes. Following were segments on Elvis, the Beatles, a Sock Hop, R&B, Surf, Country, Disco, Jazz and Blues, all played on vinyl. Grandparents danced with grandchildren, there were many good times with friends, families, couples, kids, teenage and college aged all enjoying the music variety.

The following is from the blog, Antenna:

Amidst all the record industry’s doom and gloom over digital piracy and declining CD sales, there has been one largely overlooked area of the market that’s actually been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, and that’s vinyl. That’s right: phonograph records, that analog sound recording format that has been declared dead more times than film criticism.

The reality is that vinyl – the primary commercial music medium for most of the 20th century – never went away, even though it left the mainstream in the early 1990s, replaced by digital media (first CDs, then MP3s). It has remained a staple of the rock music underground, as well as the preferred format of most serious record collectors and audiophiles. The Internet-fueled “digital music era,” however, has sparked a new wave of interest in this old medium, some even predicting that vinyl will eventually replace CDs as the physical music media of choice.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, sales of vinyl albums in the U.S. increased by 33% in 2009, to approximately 2.5 million copies. The major labels have started pressing vinyl again for the first time in roughly a decade. It is estimated that half of all new albums are being released with a vinyl counterpart. Still, digital music dominates sales and vinyl remains a niche item: digital track and album purchases, which were also up in 2009, account for nearly 80% of total music sales, while vinyl represents less than 1%. In other words, no one is suggesting that vinyl is about to replace digital music, only the CD. But the record industry – by which I mean not only the record labels but also retailers, distributors, manufacturing plants, et al. – very much needs physical objects to sell, hence its renewed commitment to vinyl.

I have a small collection of about 300 records and 45s. We still have two working turntables and listen to our vinyl. Given that new records are now CDs, I really miss some of the special things about vinyl. The sound including the pops and hisses, etc, seemed warmer. I know that is hard to define...just a feeling. I miss the special photo records, the larger pictures, the special sleeves for 45s and just the feel and smell of a new record. Now, as I am older, I really miss being able to read the lyrics...need to take off glasses and other times can't read them at all. But, CDs are more durable and take up less space. Now, I think my CD collection surpasses my vinyl collection. I remember my first two records that I purchased with my own money. They were Beach Boys, Endless Summer, and Olivia Newton-John's greatest hits. Oh how, I love going to used record stores and finding a gem. I miss going through the rows of albums...CDs just don't seem as fun...I know my age is showing!!!

I am lucky enough to live in Southern California where used record stores exist...time to go thumbing through!!

What was your first album or CD that you purchased? If you forgot, what about your most memorable or exciting find?


Anonymous said...

My goodness, I was raised on vinyl records or Peter Paul & Mary and Simon and Garfunkel. I actually had a record player in my room but the needle broke. (By the way, I'm 22 years old so cassettes were already the norm. But I liked listening to the records.)

Wishing you well,

Clueless said...

NOS, LOL...you can still find needles online for most turntables.

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