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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graduate School Progress

Well, I owe you an update.  I did go on my pre-interview at Argosy and it went well She seemed to really like me. I was able to be myself despite being 20 minutes late as I became hopelessly lost. If I get all of my information in, during August 2012 or sooner, I will know by the end of this year whether or not I am admitted. Wouldn't that be a great potential Christmas gift.  I had the interview on a Monday and by Tuesday morning, my application process had begun.  I just need my GRE score and I take the test on July 24th and my letters of recommendation need to be received.

A couple of things have changed.  One, the class schedule is all over the place...some evening, some morning, some afternoon and some on Saturday.  The other part is that they now require the dreaded GRE.  I do horrible on standardized tests.  The other part is that I haven't been in school in twenty years, so I am so rusty on the stuff on the GRE. 

Another thing came up, I found a school that I prefer over Argosy which seems to suit my needs better.  It is Alliant International University and is only 4 years instead of 5, class schedule is stable, I know others who have gone through the program, it is only two miles from my therapist and they seem to have higher standards.  The last part is both a blessing and a curse. 

Alliant International University
Since, I've been out of school for sooooooooooo long, I need to take the subject test in Psychology.  There has been so many new things and research since I graduated. Instead of taking the courses of which I know much of the information, I've purchased the textbooks and plan to use them.  I'm actually looking forward to this part. The same part occurs with if they receive all the information before the end of the year, I might know by the beginning of next year.

Boy, have textbooks gone up in price, but they have been purchased.  My essays, application, resume and fees are being sent out today.  I really want to get into Alliant, but I can't put all of my hopes into this program.  But, it is hard not too.  Meanwhile, I have to study for the General GRE test for now.  Yikes!!!

I've actually applied to two schools for my doctorate in clinical psychology!!  I am planning to start Fall of 2013.


Isaiah 49 :15 -16

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