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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drama Continues!!

Christmas occured during the time that I could not access my blog for the most part it was uneventful.  I had a great time with my husband.  We just stayed home together for 2 1/2 weeks relaxing. It was wonderful. It was great not going to the family gatherings as we just rested.  However, all was not without a hitch.  Below is a series of email back and forth which is an on-going situation.


Adrian: husband
Arleen: aunt
Judy: Arleen's partner
Michael/Mike: uncle

1.3.12 (From Judy)

Coleen and Adrian,

I'd greatly appreciate it if you would STOP sending ecards and so forth to my email. If you wish to contact Arleen please use HER email address: arleenadachi@gmail.com

Thank you.

My response:  It was sent to Arleen’s Email!!!

Judy:  The card arrived in BOTH of our emails - SEPARATELY.

Me:  That would not be possible from my end as you have been deleted from Hallmark account for more than a year.  Also, I did not receive any email from Hallmark indicating that it was sent to you.  Only a confirmation that it was sent to Arleen’s gmail.  (Sent attachment of confirmation.)

Judy:  You know what Coleen? Give it a rest. I don't know HOW it ended up sent to me but I got Arleen's card just like she did. Leave it to you to make a federal case out if it. OBVIOUSLY there was some glitch. Let's leave it at that. Arleen and I aren't liars. It happened. It's over. You can STOP now.

Email sent to Michael 2/24/12:

I also wanted you to know that prior to Grandma’s passing, that Judy and Arleen broke all communication with us and requested that we do the same.  After the service and stuff, they again indicated that they did not want any communication with us and that we were not to email, call or send anything in the mail (cards, letters, etc.) 

Because of the situation, when names were drawn for Christmas.  I ordered and sent them gifts ahead of time.  Four days, before Christmas we found out (since the email from them was sent to Adrian’s work email and he was on vacation) that they did not want to exchange gifts since we all had each other and financially it would work better for them.  Since we had already sent the gifts we told them that they could keep them.  Since that email we have not received any contact from them.  And, at their request, we have not contacted them.  (It should also be noted that the emails were sent under Arleen's account, but written by Judy.)

Michael’s response 2/27/12

Hey Guys,

I didn't know your relationship with Arleen and Judy was that bad.  What prompted all the bad feelings???  You don't have to answer that.   I don't think any of us will probably see Arleen and Judy again and we probably won't hear much either.  Very strange!  Hey we move forward and hopefully everything for the rest of us will be OK. 

Talk to you later!


I am pretty much okay with it.  I think it is funny that Judy was caught in her little game and then turned it around onto me. My uncle's comment says it all, but I do wonder what happened to make him think this.  Either, way Judy and Arleen are waaaaaaaaaay crazy!!


Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like too much drama!

Clueless said...

Wanda...yep and I wan't in a place to manage my emotions which I will write about later. Thanks sooo much for your support. I really appreciate it.

Isaiah 49 :15 -16

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