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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can You Be Christian & Gay? YES!!!

"Sanctus" -- Christian praise and worship song & video by Shawn Thomas

"Out in This World" ~ written and sung by Shawn Thomas

From Shawn Thomas' Website:  Shawn Aaron Thomas is an "out and affirming" (openly gay) contemporary Christian worship leader, singer, and recording artist. Shawn grew up in small town Indiana as a preacher’s kid singing in church as well as local theater and school productions. Although he graduated from college with a degree in music and recording, it took over 10 years before that training and education would later become his career.


Bipolarette Dana said...

Awesome. I have never understood how hatred and prejudice could be considered Christian values. I always think back to those WWJD bracelets people wore all the time a few years ago. Seems like Fred Phelps and his friends should consider what Jesus would do and change everything about their behavior accordingly!

Just saw your post w/ the pictures of those kids. I live in Kansas and have seen those kids from his "church" standing on the streets by the capitol in Topeka. It makes me sick when I see them involving their children.

Glad to find your blog, have added to my list of daily reads and my blogroll.

It m

Nikki (Sarah) said...

I used to live with intense hatred...for the people who hurt me....and I took it out on myself. What I've learned is hatred is the worst place to be. There's so much I don't understand but that's ok...I just want to walk in acceptance of others...and for whatever their journey is....Stay strong.

Mike Golch said...

Great videos,it never seems tha hatred and prejudgeice can be in a Christians volcabulary.Jesus accepted every one for what they were.

me as i am said...

neat-O!!! i love hearing about examples of openly gay christians. i have heard of churches that are accepting to all people and this gives me such hope for our society. and i know a man who is openly gay and proud and an activist for human rights and he is now a unitarian minister. yay for people who are examples of loving and accepting views of religion, instead of hate, judgment and fear :) not to mention gay people who are able to be themselves and be proud and be spiritual too~


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