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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angry and Hurt

Again this is a comment from the same person as yesterday.  This was the last straw and was intentionally hurtful and attacking regarding my 30 years post about my eating disorder.  Again, he is just trying to get a rise out of me.  However, this one really hurt as I felt that I was being personally attacked.  I know that this maybe over reaction as this is a very sensitive issue for me.  Progress is going sloooooooow, but at least there is progress.
I still believe you spend too much time self analysing and paying others to look at you and either back up your self image or try and create a new one.

How much time do you spend making those little pictures about everything?

Get a good hobby and get stuck into it. Stop with the analysis, I really believe its not helping as its been years you have been on here yet the same issues keep on surfacing with ever increasing examination of them. Try something else as clearly the shrinks and picture making isn't delivering.

What I wanted to say, but decided to not get into the arguement that he wanted is that "Who the hell are you to make judgements about my therapy and process.  Unless you've walked in my shoes, you have no right to make such comments.  I really feel sorry for your family and God forbid that your wife or daughter are gay or end up with a mental illness."

Any and all comments welcome...I will not be deleting comments other than spam.


castorgirl said...

This person is obviously trying to hurt you and get a reaction... I'm sorry they've succeeded.

I know you have put up a policy about publishing all comments, but please remember that this is your blog, so feel free to create a space that is safe for you. I recently changed my comments policy because there was too much triggering stuff coming through.

This comment is someone trolling for a reaction. They're not wanting to engage in a constructive conversation, they just want to cause grief for someone.

Please don't let them get to you.

Take care,

Gail said...


So sorry to hear/read that you have been attacked. Early on, when I first started posting I ws horribly attacked - it was awful. I think you are very brave for publishing all comments, regardless. I 'screen' mine now and once I put that feature on the attacker stopped commenting. The other sad fact I came to ralize is that in choosing a forum on the Internet to share aboutmy stuff there was/is a risk that some folks would not agree and tell me so or feel compelled to judge.
I hope you are okay.

Love Gail
peace and hope......

Clueless said...


Oh, all of my comments are moderated and have always been. The postings were for another blog. Yes...I know he wants to just get a rise out of me and I let him get to me this time. He actually doesn't read this blog. I really wanted to vent and have some support. Thank you for your support. I reacted strongly and I deleted the whole post and comments on the other blog.

Hi Gail,

I'm okay after talking with my therapist. Thank you. I'm now in a place where I will still blog what I want to and am prepared for jerks like him.


Anonymous said...

CC, I'm so sorry this jerk has found his way to your site. It's so silly-- if you don't like what's written, then don't read it! There's no need to be nasty, especially when someone (you) are really revealing a lot about yourself and trusting us. I'm sorry this person made these comments. You deserve a lot better.

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

I don't get to comment much, but I do want to say that it is frustrating when people want to come along and try to shove others down their own rabbit hole. Just try to remember that people who judge and criticize are usually unhappy with their own lives and he's probably just a sad, lonely person who feels the need to put others down so he can feel better about himself.

I got a negative comment on my blog recently and wrote a long post about it...then I figured I was drawing attention to him and maybe that's what he wanted, so I deleted my entire post about it.

It can be really triggery, I know, but if you ignore him/her then the person will likely get bored and go away.

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