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Monday, October 18, 2010

Helpful Definitions

Here may be some helpful definitions which I found on Urban Dictionary

Homosexual ~  a person whose sexual preference is members of the same sex

Gay ~ a homosexual male or female

Lesbian ~ a woman whose emotional, romantic, and sexual energies are geared towards other women

Bisexual ~ A person capable of having physical, romantic, and sexual attraction attractions towards both sexes.

What bisexual is NOT: Sex fiends looking to hump everything in sight. Just a phase of confusion. A fad; though for some females it is considered "sexy" to be bisexual. A person who engages in orgies.

Transgender ~ A term referring to when one's gender and sex are not always or ever equivalent. Often used as a referrant to the person themself. This is a broad term that includes transexual (pre/non or post-op), non-gender, bi (tri & multi) gender, androgynes, etc. The state of being transgendered may or may not have any bearing on sexual preferences.

Transexual ~  a male or female that feels they were born in the wrong gender.

Transvestite ~ A cross dresser. Most transvestites are NOT homosexuals, however. Official definition from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: A person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex.
Queer ~ Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term. Caution: still extremely offensive when used as an epithet.

Pansexual ~ A person who is sexually interested in other people regardless of gender including,males,females,transsexuals, trnsvestites, hermaphodites, intersexual, androgynous people, and etc.

Asexual ~ a person who is not interested in or does not desire sexual activity, either within or outside of a relationship. asexuality is not the same as celibacy, which is the willful decision to not act on sexual feelings. asexuals, while not physically sexual-type folks, are none the less quite capable of loving, affectionate, romantic ties to others. 

Intrasexual ~ A person that only has sexual intercourse with him/herself. They do not mate with members of either gender, rather they keep to themselves, pleasing only themselves. They are their own sex toy.

Metrosexual ~  straight man who embraces the homosexual lifestyle, i.e. refined tastes in clothing, excessive use of designer hygiene products, etc. Usually is on the brink of homosexuality, but is heterosexual.  He may also get "hit" on by homosexual men.

Ubersexual ~ a male who is similar to a metrosexual but displays the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength, and class - leaving no doubt as to his sexual orientation

Omnisexual ~ a male who is similar to a metrosexual but displays the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength, and class - leaving no doubt as to his sexual orientation

Androgynous ~ Having both male and female characteristics( appearance )that it becomes a challenge for one to decipher what sex that person is.

Gaydar ~ The ability/gift of being able to detect homosexuality in other people.

Now are you confused? If you have any changes to the definitions or definitions to add please comment. Comments are moderated, so be clean and useful with your help.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the definition of "bisexual." I don't think it is a phase of confusion because many people identify as bisexual their entire lives. It's not necessarily a stepping stone to gay as some people may think.

Thanks for posting this!

Wishing you well,

Clueless said...


I also disagree with the statements. But, they were after what bisexual is NOT. Thanks for pointing it out. I changed the post to make it more clear. Those are the myths that people think, so the what is not to me was important. As always, thank you for your comments.

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