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Friday, October 22, 2010

Gay Genetics?

Most of the following comes from The New York Magazine:

Symmetry of homosexual brain resembles that of the opposite sex.
Gay men are more likely for their hair to whorl in a counter clockwise direction.

Gay men and straight women have increased density of finger print ridges on the thumb and pinky.
In navigational tasks and verbal fluency gay men and lesbians tend to have atypical scores.

Gay men are more likely to be left-handed.

Among white gay men they are smaller in overall stature.

Hearing acuity is more like the opposite sex for homosexuals.
Index finger of most straight men are shorter than their ring fingers, and for most women they are the same length or longer. Gay men and lesbians tend to have reversed ratios.

The second-born son is 33% more likely to be gay than the first born, and the third is 33% more likely than the second and so on.

There is a “gay sound” as a research study found that 75% of the participants picked them out correctly.

In gay men the hypothalamus, is similar in size to straight women.

There are many generalization about gay men. For some, the only exposure to homosexuality is through the media or word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, this is how many stereotypes (often wrong) are spread. While it may fit some, it does not fit all of one type of group. Stereotyping is dangerous, can breed prejudice and hate and can really get you into awkward situations. Never assume anything, not everyone of a certain group are the same. The following information is from taking with gay men and looking at gay blogs and websites, but they are STEREOTYPES:

Gay men like Broadway show tunes.

Gay men like Divas such as Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minneli, Lady Gaga.

Gay men are more concerned with presentation and the way they look.

Gay men have a better ability to gift wrap.

Gay men enjoy the arts as leisure activity and professions (theatre, dancing, musicians, singing, writing etc…).

Gay men enjoy shopping.

Gay men often choose helping professions such as nursing, social work, therapists, teaching, etc.

Gay men have an aversion to watching most sports except for figure skating.

Gay men are more emotional.

The following information is from taking with homosexual women and at gay and lesbian blogs and websites, but they are STEREOTYPES:

They are butch.

Appear more masculine.

Go into traditionally male occupations such as construction, military, law enforcement, truck driving, etc.

Enjoy playing baseball, softball or basketball.

Man haters.


Short hair.

No dresses or skirts.

Tom boy.

As I stated earlier I need to see, “what the Bible says, what my experiences are, and who I know God to be in my life and must agree with the original Greek and Hebrew and within the context of the culture in which the Bible was written for it to become my own belief. What really turned things around for me was the Biblical basis for a different solid view point that used the culture and Greek and Hebrew. Also, that trends are moving forward to looking like there is partly some genetic basis, albeit, unperfect for the time. It also matches my experience with people in my life who are homosexual.  I do not believe that being gay is a choice.


Evan said...

Many of my gay friends have pointed out that being gay has meant a good deal of hassle and that they'd have unchosen it if they could.

There are also some (rare) people who much to their own surprise change their sexual preference on meeting one individual of the sex they didn't used to prefer.

Clueless said...

Hello again Evan. It is always a pleasure to have your comments on my blog. That again brings me to the question, "why would someone choose the pain of being gay?"

I believe that those who "change their sexual preference are bisexual, but did not know that. I know of several people for whom this is true.

take care,

Evan said...

Hi CC, thanks. I guess in one sense they have to be bi.

What I mean is that they didn't have any hint of this before they met a particular individual. That is they were happily straight/gay until the met one person of their own/the other sex.

I know of two or three people this happened to. One of them found it incredibly traumatic. Once again I want to stress that I think this is very rare.

Wanda's Wings said...

I believe you are born gay and transgender. There is something in the brain that cause people to be of a different sexual orientation. I truly do not think anyone would choose they pain they go through.

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