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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Christmas News and Insights

Well, my husband and I had a surprise in the mail.  It was a card with a Barnes and Noble gift card inside from Judy specifying that it was for my husband.  We figure that she didn't mean to give him anything or forgot.  Either way, it seems like she scrambled as the writing was messy and didn't include full names.  It may have been triggered by my husband's email on Christmas Eve thanking her for the gift.  Fun to imagine her running about on that day. Oh, the card was postmarked on Christmas Eve.

I also had my session with my therapist yesterday.  It went well and I think that it is sinking in more how sick Arleen and Judy are especially Judy.  Also, that it isn't about me, but about them and their illness and responsibility. It really makes me sad to think about how miserable Arleen has felt all her life.  They both obviously have borderline personality disorders and I know how much that hurts.  Reality is tough...she isn't who I imaged her to be.

Also, in regards to Judy.  One of the characteristics of someone with a Borderline Personality disorder is that they try to tell people how they feel by "acting" it out, so that the other person feels the same way.  In other words, Judy feels angry and hurt by me so she tries to make me feel the same.
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Wanda's Wings said...

All in all it sounds not to bad. It hard when dealing with people with a mental illness. Hoping you have a great New Year.

Shen said...

"that it isn't about me"

How many times I've realized that... and how many more times I likely will before it really sinks in.

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