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Monday, April 26, 2010

Eagles in Concert ~ Wow!!!!!

Well, last time I wrote about a concert was when I couldn't stay at the James Taylor concert due to a panic attack.  This time I made it through a much more difficult situation that included a packed shoulder to shoulder tunnel to get to transportation.  I saw the Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl!!! They sounded fantastic!!!!!!!!  They still have their voices which were amazing live especially the song below  which gave me goosebumps!! The following is the studio version of No More Walks in the Wood:

No More Walks in the Wood

No more walks in the wood
The trees have all been cut down
And where once they stood
Not even a wagon rut
Appears along the path
Low brush is taking over

No more walks in the wood
This is the aftermath
Of afternoons in the clover fields
Where we once made love
Then wandered home together
Where the trees arched above
Where we made our own weather
When branches were the sky
Now they are gone for good
And you, for ill, and I
Am only a passer-by

We and the trees and the way
Back from the fields of play
Lasted as long as we could
No more walks in the wood




Unknown said...

Good grief, I really do need to get out more! For I have never heard that song before. It reminds me of their "Seven Bridges Road."

Clueless said...

No, need to get out more. Being older now, I don't listen too much to newer music. I'm just now listening to an adult contempory station (hmmm...that means old, huh). Their album came out in 2008/2009 and I just found out at the concert. I will soon own it. Anyway, I agree with the same feeling as "Seven Bridges Road." Thanks for stopping by...my faithful reader and friend.

Mike Golch said...

Great posting,I enjoyed the video

Clueless said...

I'm glad that you like it Mike...the concert was fantastic!!! I purchased the CD.

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