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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm such a dork!!


Which ever it is I'm it!!!  Thursday was my first day without the crutches for my sprained ankle.  Thursday went fine and I was able to run one errand and see my therapist without much difficulty. 

Well, Friday was much different!  I rolled my ankle outside my therapists office...ouch.  I also ran an errand and found two uneven surfaces and yes, I rolled my ankle both times.  Okay, I'm a dork.  What I did next made me a doofus!  I was walking to the front door after my errand and yes, rolled it again.

Well, I had spoken with my doctor on Wednesday and after talking with her, she said that I could go without crutches.  Now, I have to use them longer than the first time.  Again, rest, ice, compression, elevation!!! What a doofus I am!!  I'm was even walking in walking shoes.  How much more support can I get?  High tops are way outdated!!!

My friend minces no words and said, "what did you think after the first time you rolled it?  You idiot you should have just went home and rest it, but no you have to play superwoman and do your errand."  This is coming from the same woman that laughed at the way I first injured it.  She really has been supportive and empathic, but she is right in what she says. :-)

Well, I feel like Hank Azaria's character, Agador, from the movie, The Birdcage.  "Agador, why aren't you wearing your shoes?  I do not wear the shoes... because... they make me fall down."  I've always told everyone that I can't wear regular shoes and prefer sandals that slip on or barefoot!!


Wanda's Wings said...

Hope your ankle gets better soon. Och!

Spin said...

LOL for the movie, but OWIE for your ankle!! I hope it heals quickly!!

Clueless said...

Wanda, Thank you...now if only I can learn how to walk.

Spin, it is so good to see you on my blog...I've missed you. Movie great...ankle not so great.

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