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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Down Again!!!

Can you tell how my weekend went? How was yours?


Mike Golch said...

I had a good weekend.

Rufty said...

Oopsie-daisy! My guess: You were having a little lie-down to re-charge the batteries (ok, so maybe in the middle of the street wasn't the best place..) when some oafing neanderthal failed to see you napping and instead of doing the gentlemanly thing of walking AROUND you, he just walked right on over your little leggy-pegs and *snap*....Some folk just won't ever look where they're going..*tut*..
No? Ok...er..you fell out of a tree whilst honing your pruning skills?
Anyway, I must compliment you on the bandaging skillz - kudos ;)
Seriously, hope you're ok Clueless, and heal up good n' proper soon! *hug* x

Joyce at I Take Off The Mask said...

Nice cartoons! I had a nice weekend. My friends took me to SKY HIGH, a mountain range here in Australia where you can see the whole of Melbourne ;)

Clueless said...

Mike, I'm glad that you had a good weekend last week.

Rufty, I can't take credit for the bandaging...I found the picture off the internet. What really happened is that I tried to walk quickly, but didn't know that my foot was asleep...I'm such a dork sometimes. LOL. I'm still on crutches this week as my ankle is still swollen.

Joyce, that sounds wonderful. Definitely better than mine. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope this last weekend was great.

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